Spring Sips
at the Tower

A Cocktail Sampler

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written by Bianca Zeiler

Winter is whiskey weather. At least, that’s the way it has always been in my home. A heavy crystal rocks glass and four fingers of sipping bourbon make an evening sitting by the fireplace complete. For winter get-togethers, I’ve got a large-batch Manhattan recipe down pat, and the recent bitters boom has kept me busy testing and tasting endless varieties of Old Fashioneds. In more recent years, my husband’s fondness for craft beers has expanded our home bar, and I’ve spent the last few months buying local IPAs and sipping high-gravity winter warmers.

And now it is March. True, it’s not quite patio weather yet, but as the thermometer starts to inch above freezing my tastebuds begin to yearn for lighter, brighter flavors. Clear spirits are calling my name. Thankfully, Millennium Tower’s own Christy Puls, owner’s lounge manager and bartender extraordinaire, feels the same way and she has created a spectacular spring cocktail menu that hits all the right notes.

My aunt always said “I know it’s spring when I have my first gin-and-tonic outside.” If you, like her, are a fan of fresh, spirit-forward cocktails, why not switch up your usual gin or vodka and tonic for a refreshing Cucumber Gimlet? Grab a seat at the bar in the owner’s lounge and order it up served in a rocks glass with a fresh cucumber garnish. The gimlet’s light and citrusy flavor profile is sure to lift you out of the winter doldrums.

If you’re in the mood for something slightly different, while you’re in the owner’s lounge why not sample a cocktail named after your home, The Millennium. An elegant combination of fruit and spirit with a fresh mint garnish, it will transform your mood with its happy color and bright flavor.

Finally, a perennial favorite and much-requested beverage has made it onto Mina at the Tower’s spring cocktail list – the Espresso Martini. A great way to begin or end the evening, it is equal parts rich and refreshing, warm and smooth. And while not “spring” drink by definition, it promises to perk up your senses and keep you toasty from the inside out, as you push through the end of winter and wait for the warm weather to take up more permanent residence. Cheers!

Visit the app store to download HERE to your mobile device or on your computer at MTB Here