plymouth gin, kina l’aero d’or, citrus, orange bitters

“The type of libations which are meant to have you embrace the rebirth of mother nature and the warmth that is to come.”


Light, bright, and refreshing. PABU Boston’s new cocktails not only prepare your palate for the meal ahead, but they also make for delightful springtime sipping right downstairs.


Perhaps the most popular is the Tokyo 75. The citrus-forward cocktail – which combines death’s door gin, sparkling wine, cherry blossom, and yuzu – is equal parts floral, tangy, and bubbly. However, if you’re in desperate need for a tropical getaway, try the Eighth Virtue. You’ll feel as though you’re on an island in the sun as you sip on elyx vodka, junmai sake, pineapple gum, lemon, and cardamom beautifully presented in a masu sake box and garnished with a flower.


Cocktails aside, there’s one collection that steals the show. PABU’s latest selection of vintage Japanese whiskeys date back to the 1970s and the options have all the right hints of butterscotch, raisin, black cherry, and more. Served by the ounce, this library collection is perfect for savoring with friends and family.


With a menu by a Michelin-starred chef and expert mixologists behind the bar, this isn’t your average backyard barbecue.


To see the PABU Boston cocktail menu in its entirety, CLICK HERE.