Luscious Lamb

April’s Monthly Entree

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Did you know that every month you can sample a new, gourmet entree created by celebrity Chef Michael Mina? Designed exclusively for Millennium Tower residents, each monthly entree is rich textures, spices and flavors. Best of all, there are numerous ways to get your Mina meal, depending on your mood or expertise in the kitchen.

This month, lamb lovers rejoice, as Chef Michael has created a luscious lamb dish for the month of April that highlights the meat in two different preparations. The first is the elegant roasted rack of lamb, simply seasoned Mediterranean-style and topped with a briny olive tapenade that pairs well with the rich flavors of the meat. The second way to savor it is in the more playful lamb meatballs, which are delicate and delicious and wrapped in a herby chickpea crepe called “socca.” A sweet and spicy pepper relish sets the whole dish off, and helps make this recipe the perfect meal for treating (and impressing!) your friends and family.

If the description has you excited to get in the kitchen and start cooking, check out for the full recipe, list of ingredients, preparation tips from Chef Michael himself, a cooking timeline and – perhaps the best part – a series of videos featuring Chef Michael Mina and Michelle Branch showing you how to cook each component of the meal.

Hungry for lamb, but not for all that time behind the stove? Mina at the Tower has you covered. Simply call down, use the Here app, or go to to order the entree up to your home. You can choose the way you want to receive it: either fully cooked and professionally plated, or as a “two-pot” meal. The “two-pot” meal is a great option for those that want a to do a little cooking (or want to appear to have made a dish from scratch!), as it comes mostly prepared with all the instructions and ingredients you need to put the finishing touches on your meal and impress your dining companions. 

Of course, if you’re looking for both lamb and company (or you want to see how your cooking skills match up to our chefs…) you can always come down to The Club and order the monthly entree off the menu. With so many ways to love lamb, there’s no reason to keep your tastebuds waiting any longer.

Visit the app store to download HERE to your mobile device or on your computer at MTB Here