Just when it seems that winter will be never ending, the sun begins to shine, the temperature breaks, and before you know it someone is planning a trip to the beach. This is about the time you start thinking about your fitness routine. Maybe you hibernated all winter and are thinking about how to get back in the workout groove. Or maybe you are a runner counting the days till you can get your sneakers on and get outside. Whatever your pre-spring shape, here are some tips on how to ease back into fitness this season, so you can see maximum results with zero injuries – and achieve that beach-ready body come summertime.

You may be tempted to strap on your running shoes and get outside the first break you get in the blustery weather. But before you do so, make sure you’re wearing the right gear. When is the last time you changed your sneakers? Without supportive and properly cushioned shoes, your joints can be negatively affected. If you’ve been running on a treadmill all winter, you may think your shoes are in better shape than they are, since the treadmill doesn’t wear away the tread like the street does. But the real test is the cushioning – is the foam in good shape? If not, time to shop for a new pair. It’s always a good idea to track how many miles you run in your shoes and replace them after 300-500 miles, whether run in the gym or on the street.

Spring is a great time to jumpstart a new fitness routine, and a good way to ensure you’re starting a program that is right for you is to meet with your coach or personal trainer. If you haven’t already had your complimentary wellness consult at FLX, now is a great time to do so. FLX has state-of-the-art equipment and technology that will allow you to accurately assess your fitness level, check your weight and BMI, test your strength in a number of ways and more.

Have you been keeping up your routine over the winter? Or have your gym clothes been neatly folded in your drawer since the Fall? Everybody starts at different levels, so don’t just dive in to daily HIIT training. Start with the frequency and intensity that is right for you, and then slowly take it to the next level, maybe by joining a new fitness class or increasing your personal training sessions. This way, you’ll avoid injuries that could set you back from reaching your goal.

If you’ve been indulging in heavy meals and comfort foods this winter, now is the time to lighten up your diet and portion sizes. Your body is probably naturally yearning for the fruits and vegetables that are starting to come into season, so satisfy your healthy cravings by avoiding processed foods and instead, visiting local farmers markets where you can buy whole foods to cook at home. Also, as always, hydration is key to good health, so be sure you are drinking the recommended amount of water every day.

Getting back into the swing of things can be hard, so why not try setting a goal, maybe hitting your new personal record? A great way to do just that is to check out this month’s FLX Fitness Xpert Series where you can get ready for the warmer weather by kicking off a 90-day personal fitness and nutrition challenge led by the FLX team. Wear your sneakers, work up a sweat, and leave with a plan and goodie bag full of healthy treats. RSVP here.