Married couples, parents and children, best friends – anyone who wants to work out with a partner can benefit from duet training. While most people are aware of the benefits of personal training, many may not have heard of duet or considered it as an add-on to their established routine.


A personal training session for two, duet training allows pairs to tandem train – cooperatively and competitively. On top of the physical benefits, duet training can increase motivation by keeping you accountable, helping you bond with your partner, and even making working out more fun and social. One of the best aspects of duet training is that it is completely tailored to your personal exercise style and preferences.


Doing a diet or fitness challenge with a friend? Want to practice yoga in a more intimate setting? Have a busy schedule but want to fit in your workout and spend time with a loved one? Duet training may be your answer. At FLX Wellness, a training program can be customized just for you. Don’t worry if your abilities or fitness goals are different from your partner’s — your trainer will create a program that will be challenging and appropriately modified for each of you.


Additionally, at FLX Wellness, you can choose from a number of different duet training programs, whether on the traditional gym equipment or in a specialty class setting. Boxing, yoga, weights, or Pilates: whatever you preference, your trainer will tailor your exercise program to your duet’s specific interests and needs, and ensure both parties receive the best workout possible.