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Millennium Tower is more than your home. It is the place you connect with friends and neighbors. It is the place you learn new things – from how to prepare a gourmet dish, to how to execute a flawless cha-cha. Millennium Tower is the place that brings your life, mind and body into perfect balance, with diverse offerings including high-tech and high-touch personal training, fun and challenging wellness and dance classes, and invigorating salon and spa offerings. And it is the place you come at the end of the day to kick back, relax and enjoy a meal, a cocktail and some lovely conversation with those closest to you.

We believe Millennium Tower should be the place you feel the most comfortable, enjoying your life to the fullest and engaging with others that are as interesting and interested as you are. That is why we created Here at a Glance, to complement and highlight the incredibly robust offerings at Millennium Tower. We hope you enjoy reading it each quarter, and that you find something in every issue that sparks your curiosity. And because, like everyone at Millennium Tower, we are committed to providing you with the most personalized service possible, we’d love to know what you think.

What have you loved to read about? What has intrigued you? What would you like more of? Is there a star on staff that you would like to be featured? A new restaurant or lounge you would like us to review? A new offering you would like to see at Millennium Tower?

Simply fill out the form and give us your unique perspective. Then, be sure look for your requested topic in a future issue of Here at a Glance. Thanks, and happy reading!